Tom & Carol Wells



Welcome to St. Thomas!

Some house notes:

  1.  To turn on A/C, push mode button until you see “cool” on left side of screen. Round buttons increase and decrease desired temperature. 74 degrees, on hold, works well. Sometimes it is very comfortable to open some windows, turn on the fans and let the outdoor breeze cool the condo. If this is what you prefer, please press the mode button on the thermostat until you see “off”. Fan in master bedroom only has one speed – slow.
  2. Turn on the hot water heater – go to the closet in the master bedroom (back bedroom next to the deck) and flip the circuit breakers up to the ON position.
  3. Keys hanging by front door are sets consisting of a front door key and a fitness room key.  The white flat square is a gate key to open the main gate if you are using a car.
  4. All three bedrooms have full bathrooms.  The master bedroom’s bathroom is accessible to the first floor.  The washer and dryer are in the closet off the hall to the first floor bathroom and master bedroom.
  5. Car is white Mitsubishi Lancer and is parked in the lot in front of the condo.  License plate is TDQ995.  Keys are hanging by front door. This vehicle is only for use by family members due to insurance reasons.
  6. TV is Dish at HDMI1.  Apple TV is at HDMI2.
  7. WIFI is called 66113A and the password is  DE7F254B3A.
  8. Taxi to airport can be arranged by calling VI Taxi at 340-774-7457. They like to pick up at the gate.
  9. VI does not do recycling, so all garbage and what we would normally recycle goes into the dumpsters across the parking lot.  I know it is hard to throw out recyclables, but there is no option.
  10. If internet is not working, call 340-774-0024 or 340-715-8282.
  11.  There is a Dyson portable vacuum cleaner in the kitchen closet. It can be used on the floors or as a hand-held mini vac.  Attachments and charger cord are on the shelf in the closet.
  12. E-Z Car rental, if you want to rent a car or need referrals to get something automotive fixed – Call Andre at 340-775-6255. The office is in the ground floor of our building, facing the tennis courts.
  13. Snorkeling gear – masks and snorkels and fins are in the middle closet upstairs. Please wash off in fresh water when finished using them.  Check literature and maps on table under the TV for good places to snorkel.
  14. Yoga mat, exercise mat, three tennis rackets and balls, and hand weights are also in the middle closet upstairs.
  15. Be sure to wear sunscreen!  The sun is very strong.
  16. There is a wooden drying rack in the middle closet upstairs.  Please use it on the back deck for drying swimsuits, towels, etc.  Condo Assoc. gets cranky when items are draped over railings, plus they can easily blow off.
  17. We keep sugar in the frig, on the door shelves, to help keep ants at bay.
  18. The two tennis courts are used on a first come basis – no need to sign up to use them. The two courts by the pool are for use by condo guests.  The courts further away belong to the yacht club.
  19. Fitness center is in the building by the pool. The key to its door is on the same key ring as the front door key.
  20. Pool is for your enjoyment and has no specific hours and no lifeguard on duty.
  21. Building manager is Paul Ryan. Call him at 340-244-4299, if you lock yourself out or if a pipe springs a leak or something major that needs immediate attention goes wrong with building systems in the condo.  For more minor issues, call Tom and Carol at 802-453-4065.
  22. Don’t even think about walking anywhere along the roadways.  The roads are narrow, twisty and have zero shoulders and sidewalks are rare, except downtown. There are many, many blind curves and it really is a dangerous venture to walk (or jog) along the roads. In addition to all that, they drive on the “wrong” side of the road, which is very disorienting for walkers.
  23. The nearest grocery store is Moe’s Fresh Market in “downtown” Red Hook, on the left side of the road, across from Senor Frog’s and just before the gas station. Be prepared for sticker shock!  Food is expensive on the island.
  24. There is no natural source of fresh water on St. Thomas.  Water is obtained from collecting rainwater during the rainy season and from de-salinization.  Therefore, water is a precious resource and we would appreciate your being thoughtful with your water usage.
  25. A nice quiet place to watch the sunset is at a little rocky beach across from the entrance into our condo’s parking lot.   Not down by the gate, but where you turn off the road after going through the gate.  There is a little path through a wire fence that leads down to the beach.  Bring a glass of wine and watch the sun slowly sink into the shimmering water.  The last time I was there, someone had put out four chairs for our viewing comfort.  Also, there are rocks to sit on.
  26. Everyone refers to this condo complex as “The Anchorage”.  Taxi drivers, and everyone else, will know where you are talking about.  Store clerks will ask you two questions, “Where are you from?” and “Where are you staying?”
  27. We have three bedrooms in our condo.  Two are guest rooms, the one near the kitchen with a queen bed and the upstairs loft with two full-size beds.  Both have their own private bathroom.  The third is our master bedroom.  You will probably be more comfortable using the two guest rooms, as the closet and dresser are full in the master bedroom.
  28. It is not unusual for a quickie rain shower to pop up out of nowhere.  It will only last 10 minutes or less, so don’t despair.  It frequently rains during the night, but cloudy mornings almost always turn into beautiful days.
  29. If you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to call us at:  Carol – 201-707-2491 (cell) or 802-453-4065 (work and home).  Tom – 201-965-0068 (cell) or 201-587-0888 (work).  You are still in the US, but be warned that cell phone calls are expensive due to roaming charges and if you call from the BVI, international rates will apply.
  30.  We usually only lock the doorknob lock during the day and when we leave.  The same key will open both the doorknob lock and the deadbolt.  Be careful not to lock yourself out!  The door automatically locks when closed. If you do lock yourself out or misplace the key, there is another door key in the little black key box to the left of the front door.  The code is 12580. Please be sure the key is back in there when you leave, if you use it.
  31. When you leave:
    1. Turn A/C to 80 degrees and press hold. If you were not using the A/C, please pr3ess the m ode button until you see cool, then set to 80 and hit hold.  It acts as a dehumidifier.
    2. Be sure all fans are turned all the way off. Go back and check them one more time before you leave, especially the one by the loveseat in the living room area.
    3. Please turn off all lights
    4. The hot water heater is in the master bedroom closet.  Please flip the two breakers to the off position before you leave.
    5. Please strip the beds, wash sheets and towels and then remake the beds and hang the clean towels so it looks clean and neat when you go.
  32.  You will make us very happy if you leave the condo in the same clean and neat condition as you found it, all ready for the next guests. Please care for our condo as if it was yours – it is while you are here!