Tom & Carol Wells



Getting Here

Airport Transport:

How to get to our condo from the airport - When you exit baggage claim, head toward the row of vans parked diagonal outside the terminal. Someone will ask you where you are headed. Tell them “The Anchorage” and they will point you to the correct van to get on. This mode of transportation is reasonable (about $15-$20/person) because they take several groups of travelers at the same time. When the van approached the gate to the Anchorage, unless you have a gate card or the gate is open, you will be dropped off at the gate. Our condo is Resolute #215. There is only one #215 in the complex, so walk to the fourth building until you find #215 (which is above #15 and #115).

Note: The gate was damaged in the 2017 hurricanes and was removed. As of 12/18, it had not yet been replaced. Therefore, if there is no gate when you arrive, just ask the driver to drop you off in front of Resolute (name of the building) #215.

To take a van back to the airport, just call ahead to V.I. Taxi at 340-774-7457. Since you will most likely be their only fare, the cost will be higher than coming from the airport.