Tom & Carol Wells


Welcome to St. Thomas!

Some house notes:

  1.  A/C will be on, but set to 84 degrees. Push the arrow in the upper right corner down (-) to lower the temperature to your preference. We usually keep it at 74 degrees. Sometimes it is very comfortable to open some windows, turn on the fans and let the outdoor breeze cool the condo. If this is what you prefer, hit the “system” button until you see off.  To turn it back on, hit the system button until you see cool, and push that button. If it does not stay set to 74 (or whatever you choose), hit the “Hold” button. After that, you can arrow up or down and it will keep it that temperature until you change it.
  2. Turn on the hot water heater – go to the closet in the master bedroom (back bedroom next to the deck) and flip the circuit breakers up to the ON position. (This may already be on, if someone was staying at the condo right before you arrived.)
  3. WIFI is called R215 and the password is:  3daughters
  4. The front door does not lock automatically, you must use the key to lock it. The  set with the green plastic tag is the front door key and the gray fob opens the fitness center.  The fitness center is the building next to the pool and is entered on the side opposite the pool.
  5. The washer and dryer are in the closet off the hall by the first floor bathroom.
  6. Taxi to airport or anywhere can be arranged by calling VI Taxi at 340-774-7457. Call about 10-15 minutes before you need them.  Tell them where you are (at the Anchorage, Unit 215), where you want to go and how many people there are. The dispatcher will put out the info to all the other drivers and someone will agree to pick you up. (You will hear all this which can be a little confusing, but you are not meant to respond.)  The dispatcher will then tell you the color of the cab (which are all vans) and the first 3 numbers of the license plate.  For example:  “Number 364, black van in 10 minutes”.
  7. VI does not do recycling, so all garbage and what we would normally recycle goes into the dumpsters across the parking lot.  I know it is hard to throw out recyclables, but there is no option.
  8. There is a Dyson portable vacuum cleaner in the kitchen pantry closet. It can be used on the floors or as a hand-held mini vac.  Attachments and charger cord are on the top shelf in the closet. There is also a small canister type vacuum.
  9. Be sure to wear sunscreen!  The sun is very strong.
  10. There is a wooden drying rack in the last closet upstairs, closest to the bed.  Good to use it on the back deck for drying swimsuits, towels, etc. Condo Assoc. gets cranky if items are draped over railings, plus they can easily blow off or get rained on. There are also some tennis rackets and a few other sporty items in the middle closet.
  11. The two tennis courts are used on a first come basis, but they would like you to reserve. See #14 on how to do it. The two courts by the pool are for use by condo guests.  The courts further away belong to the yacht club. There are two tennis rackets and some balls in the middle closet upstairs.
  12. There are four sets of snorkeling gear in the last closet upstairs. Please rinse well with fresh water when you are finished using them.
  13. Fitness center is in the building by the pool. The “fob” to open its door is on the same key ring as the front door key. Place fob over the little light at the top of the thing that looks a bit like a doorbell to the left of the fitness center door to unlock the door. To get out, push the knob to the right of the door on the inside.  There is a restroom in that building, too.  You have to go online ( to reserve a time slot for the fitness center and tennis courts, as they only want one person/“pod” at a time due to Covid.
  14. Pool is for your enjoyment and has no specific hours and no lifeguard on duty. However, for safety reasons, they have begun locking the gate. The same fob that you use to enter the gym is used to enter the pool area. The doorbell thing is on the wall to the left of the gate.  Hold the fob over the light, then quickly push the gate open. Same thing in reverse to get out of the pool area.
  15. Building manager is Paul Ryan. Call him at 340-244-4299, if a pipe springs a leak or something major that needs immediate attention goes wrong with building systems in the condo.  For more minor issues, call Tom and Carol at 802-453-4017, 201-707-2491 or 201-965-0068.
  16. Don’t even think about walking anywhere along the roadways.  The roads are narrow, twisty and have zero shoulders and sidewalks are rare, except downtown. There are many, many blind curves and it really is a dangerous venture to walk (or jog) along the roads. In addition to all that, they drive on the “wrong” side of the road, which is very disorienting for walkers. It is safe to walk up the hill, up the road you can see from the kitchen window. It is a dead end and has very little traffic. You will be rewarded with great views!
  17. There are two grocery stores about the same distance (approximately one mile) from the condo, but in opposite directions. The larger one is Food Center on Rte 32, back toward downtown Charlotte Amalie.  At the bottom of the hill, where 322 intersects 32, turn left and it is about a mile down the road on the right.  The other one, turn right at the bottom of the hill, is Mo’s Fresh Market in downtown Red Hook on the left just before the ferry terminal, which is on the right.  Be prepared for sticker shock!  Food is expensive on the island. Food Center is larger and has more brand diversity and is generally cheaper.  Mo’s has better veggies, fruit, meat and fish and a lovely wine section on the second floor.
  18. There is no natural source of fresh water on St. Thomas.  Water is obtained from collecting rainwater during the rainy season and from de-salinization.  Therefore, water is a precious resource and we would appreciate your being thoughtful with your water usage.
  19.  A nice quiet place to watch the sunset is at a little rocky beach across from the entrance into our condo’s parking lot.   Not down by the gate, (or where it used to be) but where you turn off the road after going through the gate.  There is a little path through a wire fence that leads down to the beach.  Bring a glass of wine and watch the sun slowly sink into the shimmering water.  There are rocks to sit on.
  20. Everyone refers to this condo complex as “The Anchorage”.  Taxi drivers, and everyone else, will know where you are talking about.  Store clerks will ask you two questions, “Where are you from?” and “Where are you staying?”  If you need the address it is 6600 Estate Nazareth.
  21. It is not unusual for a quickie rain shower to pop up out of nowhere.  It will only last 10 minutes or less, so don’t despair.  It frequently rains during the night, but cloudy mornings almost always turn into beautiful days.
  22. There are beach towels, table cloths and placemats in the cabinet facing the dining room. More toilet paper under the bathroom sinks.
  23. If you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to call us at:  Carol – 201-707-2491 (cell) or 802-453-4017 (work).  Tom – 201-965-0068 (cell). You are still in the US, but may be charged with roaming charges in St. John.  
  24.  If you misplace the key, there is another door key in the little black key box outside to the left of the front door. Please be sure the key is back in there when you leave, if you use it.  The code is 12580.
  25. When you leave:
    1. Turn A/C to 84 degrees. If you were not using the A/C, please press the system button until you see cool, then set to 84.  It acts as a dehumidifier.
    2. Be sure all fans are turned all the way off. Go back and check them one more time before you leave, especially the one by the loveseat in the living room area and the two upstairs.
    3. Please turn off all lights.
    4. The hot water heater is in the master bedroom closet.  Please flip the two breakers to the off position before you leave.
    5. Please empty all trash cans and throw the bags in the dumpster across the driveway.
    6. Please leave the beds unmade and do not strip them.
  26. Please care for our condo as if it was yours – it is while you are here!