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Historic Renovations in Bristol, Vermont


28 North Street

28 North Street


In 1876, the building at 28 North Street was erected as a general store with a second floor apartment. The clapboard colonial revival style building featured a full porch on the apartment second level and a slate hipped roof.  Somewhere early in this century, the second floor was converted into two separate apartments.  The building was completely upgraded and restored by Wells Mountain, LLC in 2003. Among the improvements were new pedestrian and handicap access on Garfield Street.

Old time Bristol residents remember the operation by Ceylon Brown of Brown’s Market in this location from 1938 to 1966.  This was followed by Bristol Market, operated by three different owners until 2003, and finally, by Almost Home Market since then. In 2015, this retail space was divided and Synergy in Motion Physical Therapy now occupies the northern half of the first floor commercial space, while Almost Home Market operates from the southern half.

DunsheeDunshee 28 North Street Building


In addition to the two rental apartments, and two commercial spaces totaling 2,300 sq. ft. on the first floor, the building has a full basement, and a separate three-garage unit building with second floor storage.