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Historic Renovations in Bristol, Vermont


Deerleap Building



Built on land that was known for many years as “Haymarket Square” a Village commons that was used by area auctioneers and traders, the Deerleap building  began its life as a one-story clapboard garage erected in approximately 1920.  The original building was 20 ft. by 32 ft., and had a hip roof which was screened in the front by a low, rectangular, false front capped by a molded cornice.  This type of façade was seen mostly in the American west.  The front of the building had a large garage door centered between double windows, and doors at the corners. 

The building was extensively renovated in 1990 to take on a neo-colonial style, and the cupola was added.  Further renovations were made by Wells Mountain, LLC in 1996, when the present bay windows and multi-light doors were added on the porch area.  The building has enjoyed its school-house red color since this period.  Wells Mountain, over time, also renovated the rear (formerly warehouse area), into commercial suites.   In 2004, the alley next to the building was developed by the Bristol Friends of the Arts into what is now known as Artists Alley, which features local large murals by local artists and benches made by elementary school classes.  The Bristol Clay Studio and kiln are across the alley.

When the building was initially erected in 1920, it was occupied by Stokes Auto Sales and Service, a Packard auto dealership.  Later, in 1930, it became Patnode’s Garage, then in 1942, Shaddrick’s Garage.  In 1961, the building was taken over by Robinson Oil Company, and in 1964, by Jackman’s Oil Company.  The building takes its name from Deerleap Books, which occupied the present Art on Main space from 1992 to 2006.  Deerleap Books was in turn named from the place where local Abenaki Native Americans drove deer needed for food and their pelts off the end of Hogback Mountain--- “the deer leap.”

Present tenants in the building are Art on Main, Yarn & Yoga, NEATV, Wells Mountain Foundation, and Wells Mountain LLC.



The Deerleap building has two stores on Main Street with 1,550 sq. ft. retail space, and 800 sq. ft. retail space respectively  the three office spaces all off of Artists Alley respectively contain 670 sq. ft., 540 sq. ft., and 575 sq. ft.  The building also has a garage.