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Historic Renovations in Bristol, Vermont


Old Bristol High School


Bristol schools have existed on this site since 1837, when the first two-story school building was built in the middle of what is now School Street.  In 1876, a building then known as the Bristol Academy, first located at Maple and Pleasant Streets, was moved next to the 1837 building.  Bristol Academy later evolved to become Bristol High School.  In 1912, after a couple small additions behind the high school, a second large building was built and this is the building that presently sits on the site set back from the park.  About this time, the original 1837 building was moved off the site.  The brick building behind the 1912 building, which originally provided an auditorium and gymnasium for the school, was built in 1930.  After the 1837 building was removed, School Street was extended to the back of the property, with a path at its end to Church Street, and eventually three houses were built along it.

In 1969, afte the construction of the new Mount Abraham Union High School on the old Bristol airport site, the original Bristol High School building was demolished.  The bell on this building was removed from the belfry and eventually found its way to the small display building at the front of the site.

By the late 1980s, the School District had no use for the remaining school buildings, having erected the Mountain Street Elementary School in 1954, and added to it in 1981 and 1988, so the buildings were offered for sale.  In 1990, the buildings were sold to a Middlebury-based developer who converted them to small office suites, with the old gymnasium and several large rooms becoming a health club facility.  Owners since that time, worked to keep the building in good condition. 

Purchased by Wells Mountain, LLC in 2012, further improvements have been made to the buildings to enhance their appearance. The building has evolved into a a commercial space that houses many alternative health practioners and non-profits, as well as the fitness center and Bristol Yoga.



The old High School buildings include numerous rental spaces.  Created from classrooms are two medical suites, each with three small medical consultation rooms surrounding a common waiting area.  There is a large yoga studio, and numerous other offices.  Finally, there is a fitness center that includes a large exercise room (formerly a gymnasium), locker rooms, and two function rooms.  Rentable spaces vary from under 200 sq. ft. up to the 4,300 sq. ft. occupied by the fitness center. 

In 2014, a new “office suite” complex, The School House Office Suites, opened, offering five offices,  from 375 to 550 square feet which share a common conference room,  a waiting room, bathroom & kitchenette.