About Tom and Carol Wells, Proprietors

Tom and Carol Wells are the proprietors of the Bristol Suites and Vermont Marketplace and have an apartment themselves in the Dunshee Building.  Tom and Carol own Wells Mountain, LLC, which was responsible for the most recent restoration of the Dunshee Block and also the Deerleap Building next door, 28 North Street, and the Old High School Building, all in Bristol.  Tom and Carol moved to Bristol in 1996.  Before that, they divided their time between homes in New Jersey and Orange, Vermont.  Tom and Carol owned Deerleap Books located in the Deerleap Building from 1996 until the store was closed in 2006.

Carol is the former Executive Director of the Bristol Downtown Community Partnership, and also served Bristol for 6 years on its Selectboard (town council).  Now she manages Bristol Suites and the other properties owned by Wells Mountain, LLC and spends many hours working on our foundation Wells Mountain Initiative. Tom is an attorney and has an office at the rear of the Deerleap Building and also in New Jersey.  Tom served Bristol on its Planning Commission for eight years and as its chairperson for five years.

In addition to their daytime jobs and Wells Mountain, LLC, Tom and Carol are active in Wells Mountain Initiative.

Tom and Carol are the parents of three daughters, Ciera, a Brooklyn-based costume and production designer; Jordyn, currently the Managing Director of Wells Mountain Initiative and a consultant for non-profit organizations; and Carlyn, who has a doctorate in physical therapy and works at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston.

For more information on, Tom’s law firm, Wells, Jaworski & Liebman, or the Wells Mountain Initiative, feel free to visit the separate websites of each.

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