Bristol Suites has only one designated dog-friendly suite – South Mountain Mini-Suite.  We do not accept other pets. We welcome dogs (not puppies, please) who are housebroken and well behaved.  Dogs are required to be on a leash and in your control at all times when not in your suite. Dogs are the only pets we allow and only in the designated suite.

Out of respect for our other guests, your dog should settle by 9:30 P.M. Bristol Suites does not assume any liability for your dog or its actions while on our grounds.

There is a $35 fee to have your dog with you in South Mountain Mini-Suite and a $100 refundable deposit per stay per dog.

If a guest brings a dog to any room or suite other than South Mountain, there will be a penalty fee starting at $125/night to cover the extra cleaning, sanitizing and removal of allergens from the non-dog friendly room. There will also be additional charges for any damages caused by the dog.